What type of battery does the BeatBlock use??

BeatBlock contains a 1500mAh (same capacity as an iphone 4) Lithium Ion Battery that is charged by micro USB connection.

How long does the battery last??

BeatBlock’s Lithium Ion battery will last up to 10 hours of continuous play, but results will vary based on volume levels and content. You can also continue using BeatBlock as a speaker or speakerphone while plugged into the charger.

Can it work with any Bluetooth device??

Yes! BeatBlock uses the latest in Bluetooth technology and has been tested across every platform of wireless Bluetooth devices.

How far away can my phone be??

BeatBlock Has a signal range of over 30 feet and easily stays connected at that distance! (Obstructions in the signal path can cause interruption in playback)

How load does it get??

This little speaker is capable of exceeding 115 decibels of sound without distortion. BeatBlock is not only one of the loudest speakers in its class; it is also one of the highest quality speakers on the market. Unlike other small portable speakers, BeatBlock offers true hi-fi sound drivers designed to maximize the sound range in a tight space.

MasterPry LED

What is MasterPry??

MasterPry LED is the world’s FIRST and ONLY pry tool set with standard on-board 30 lumen LED lights. It is perfect for Interiors, Exteriors, Dashboards, Door Panels, Tail Lamps, Bumpers, Mirrors, Trunks, Center Consoles, Headliners, or ANYTHING plastic!

Who needs a MasterPry LED anyways??

Everyone! Any time you need to pry anything open, MasterPry is the perfect tool for the job. It was designed specifically for automotive technicians, but they have so many more uses. Besides being perfect for disassembling car door panels and dashboards, this set can also be used almost anywhere outside of the shop, and is perfect for; Home Improvement, furniture repair, leather work and much more. Any time you have something delicate that needs to be pried open, MasterPry should be your first choice!

How strong is MasterPry LED??

MasterPry LED is constructed from advanced POM polymer plastic, the same Military-spec polymer plastic used on the M16 rifle. Strong enough to dominate the toughest interior or exterior panels but won’t scratch delicate components like paint and leather.

How many tools come in a set??

MasterPry LED combines all of the features you need into just 2 tools, eliminating the cheap, bulky and wasteful pry tool sets containing 7, 12, and even 25 pieces!!! Don’t waste your precious drawer space with generic pry tool sets. MasterPry LED comes standard with built in grommets so they hang conveniently on your workshop pegboard. The Easy-Grip ergonomic design offers maximum control, power, and grip.

Is there a warranty??

MasterPry LED comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the tool bodies, and 1 year on the built-in electronics. Click HERE for full warranty details.

Are the batteries included??

YES! Each tool comes with batteries, and ready to use right out of the box. We use the most common coin battery, CR2032, for convenient replacement.


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SmartSnap Pliers

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