GTE Tools MasterPry Chosen as PTEN announces Top 100 Most Wanted products of 2016

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List showcases most requested products by technicians who read Professional Tool & Equipment News magazine. DECEMBER 15, 2016 PTEN announces Top 100 Most Wanted products of 2016 List showcases most requested products by technicians who read Professional Tool & Equipment News magazine. DECEMBER 15, 2016 0 Tweet Share Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) announced the Top 100 Most Wanted products requested by readers of the publication. The list consists of the most inquired products by readers of the magazine, which includes auto technicians and shop owners. Inquiries were tallied through the print issue reader service cards, and through the product links of the PTEN online product guide. To view a full list of the 2016 Top 100 Products, click here.

Vehicle Service Pros Tool Review: GTE Tools SmartSnap Pliers


Click HERE for Full Article! By Josh Smith on December 15, 2016 Even after extended use, the reviewer says these pliers haven’t broken any tips and have not had any issues The GTE Tools SmartSnap Pliers, “convertible” snap-ring pliers, allow users to change quickly and easily between internal- and external-style snap rings with a single lever. These snap-ring pliers feature quick-release tips for simple changes between large and small retaining rings. The tips, made of hardened steel, are designed with tapered, anti-slip ends for durability and a dependable grip. The premium molded, ABS tray included with the tool offers convenient storage, quick access and an organized toolbox. The SmartSnap Pliers come with a lifetime warranty. The review Tool Review: GTE Tools SmartSnap Pliers Even after…

AfterMarket Press – PM Holdings to Introduce New Tech-Life BeatBlock Twins at AAPEX


AAPEX Booth #373 SAN DIEGO, CA, October 11, 2016 – PM Holdings will unveil its new Tech-Life BeatBlock Twins Stereo-Pairing Bluetooth Speakers at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), Nov. 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “BeatBlock Twins were created with professional technicians in mind,” said Nick Mazza, CEO of PM Holdings. “These innovative Bluetooth speakers are the next generation in sound and are ideal for a repair shop environment as well as for home, office and outdoor use. We are looking forward to demonstrating them for AAPEX attendees so they can hear for themselves how Tech-Life enhances life in the bay.” In addition to BeatBlock Twins, PM Holdings will showcase its portfolio of innovative GTE tools and Tech-Life products at AAPEX, including The GRID award-winning…

Counterman – The GRID By Tech-Life: A Professional Power Delivery Station

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Click HERE for Full Article! BY COUNTERMAN STAFF ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 SAN DIEGO – The GRID by Tech-Life is an award-winning all-in-one power station, surge protector and USB charging hub. Designed with professional service technicians in mind, The GRID also has a multitude of uses outside the shop. “The GRID is a 100 percent game changer when it comes to charging cordless tools, phones, tablets and other devices that are used constantly throughout the work day,” said Nick Mazza, CEO of PM Holdings. “It is specifically designed to improve the user’s daily workplace experience by providing power while eliminating clutter. Ideal for a shop environment, The GRID is attractive and functional placed on a work bench, tool box, desk or countertop and can charge…

Shop Tool Reviews – Tech-Life The Grid Power Strip Review

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Click HERE for Full Article! September 20th, 2016 by Tim Johnson – Cordless is now a way of life. Phones, tools, computers, speakers, lights, and about any other device you can dream up are nearly all cordless. To be cordless, typically requires a battery, and these batteries need charging from time to time. Working out of a toolbox or workbench sometimes limits your ability for accessing power outlets. The Tech-Life GRID power strip gives you access to nine power outlets and four USB ports for charging your tools, phones and gadgets. Working out of a shop, there are many times when I only have access to an outlet, or maybe two. With that being the case, I have to run extension cords and/or power-strips. Sure,…

Shop Tool Reviews – Tech-Life BeatBlock Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Click HERE for Full Article! By Tim Johnson on August 29, 2016 Tech-Life BeatBlock Bluetooth Speaker Review Workplace happiness is important to our success, so why not add some tunes to bring in the joy. The Tech-Life BeatBlock bluetooth speaker was created for the technician in mind and feels at home in the shop. Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from your phone, tablet or MP3 player of choice. There is not much that I enjoy more than reviewing tools in the shop and wrenching on a motor. Being able to do both, at the same time, is a dream come true. Even then, the tasks in the shop can sometimes become ordinary. A quick app on the Android sends my favorite songs via Bluetooth to…

Shop Tool Reviews – GTE Tools MasterBead Adhesive Dispenser Gun Review

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Click HERE for Full Article! August 17th, 2016 by Tim Johnson – I have yet to see a mechanic’s toolbox that didn’t have at least one partially used tube of RTV, and typically three or four. Being able to use all the contents from a tube before it dries up has always been a struggle. The GTE Tools MasterBead adhesive dispenser gun is here to help you eliminate your collection of malformed tubes of RTV. Room Temperature Vulcanization Silicone, otherwise known as just RTV, has been the first choice to seal gaskets for more than 60 years. For as long as I can remember, RTV has been packaged in the same aluminum tubes we see today. Forever, I have tried to keep my tubes of…

Shop Tool Reviews – GTE Tools SmartSnap Snap Ring Pliers Review

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Click HERE for Full Article! August 5th, 2016 by Tim Johnson – General Technician Equipment (GTE) is a tool innovation company that focuses on developing tools and products to enhance the technician. Recently they released the GTE Tools Smartsnap snap ring pliers. The Smartsnap is not like your ordinary snap ring plier because it actually converts with the flip of a switch. Use it to remove an external snap ring, then with the flip of the switch, remove an internal snap ring with the same tool. The GTE Tools SmartSnap snap ring pliers come as a kit in a storage tray designed to help your toolbox stay organized. Included in the kit are 4 sets of hardened steel tips, 2 straight and 2 angled. The…

Trucking Times – MasterPry LED Pry Tool from GTE Simplifies Repairs


Click HERE for Full Article! General Technician Equipment (GTE), has introduced MasterPry LED. According to MasterPry LED, the pry bar set features two tools, and can accomplish more than competing kits containing up to 25 pieces. The pry tool comes standard with an onboard, super bright, LED light to illuminate the repair area. Additional features of MasterPry LED include precision edges for scraping and tight panel separation, wedged tips, ergonomic Easy-Grip body, no-slip knurled finish and military-spec, polymer plastic. Batteries are included. For more information, visit

Vehicle Service Pros – July PTEN Digital Edition


Click HERE for Full Article! The GTE Tools MasterBead, a handheld silicone/adhesive dispensing gun, is designed specifically for aluminum-type adhesive tubes. The MasterBead gun is made from ultra-durable polymers and 99% of the adhesive material can be dispensed in a consistent and uniform bead to eliminate mess and waste. The tool’s automatic loading feature allows it to continue dispensing material with no need to reset or re-clamp the tube, while enabling single-handed operation. MasterBead is designed to accommodate up to 4-oz, aluminum-style adhesive tubes and comes with a lifetime warranty. Circle 89 on card or enter e-inquiry on The GRID by Tech-Life is the first all-in-one power solution for the modern technician’s workspace, according to the company. This surge-protecting power station is designed with…

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