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MasterBead | Adhesive Dispenser Gun

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Are you still squeezing silicone from the tube by hand the old fashioned way?
You work hard, which is why we work hard to bring you solutions that will make your work easier.

Imagine picking up that aluminum tube of adhesive near the end of a long, hard day and drawing a bead as uniform and consistent as the one you drew eight hours earlier…

In fact, with the MasterBead, you could have been applying silicone continuously all day long and that bead would still look as good.

…Your hands wouldn’t ache.

…There’d be no wasted adhesive.

…And you wouldn’t have a mess to clean up.

A common problem with dispensing adhesive by hand is that it’s a two-handed job. And for big jobs, your hands will start to fatigue quickly.

You only need one hand to work the MasterBead dispensing gun — just pick it up and go. When you’re finished, lay it down until you need it again.

No muss, no fuss. You get more done in half the time.

You’ll appreciate how comfortable the gun feels in your hand and the smooth trigger action that allows you to load it automatically and seamlessly — without ever having to worry about needing to reset the tube or re-clamp it. Load it once and don’t give it another thought until you’re ready for a new tube.

The gun was engineered specifically to fit aluminum adhesive tubes up to 4 ounces — and the great thing is that with MasterBead, you’ll be able to get 99% of the adhesive out of the tube — so you waste less product and save more money.

  • ARE YOU STILL SQUEEZING SILICONE FROM THE TUBE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY Switch to the MasterBead and you’ll immediately know why professional technicians give it the highest rating!
  • NO MORE ACHING HANDS Use one of the old fashioned guns and by the end of the day, your hands ache. MasterBead is so simple to use – you can use it one handed!
  • NO WASTED ADHESIVE/SILICONE MasterBead makes it possible to get 99% of the product out of the tube.
  • AUTOMATIC LOADING This silicone/adhesive gun’s automatic loading feature allows it to continue dispensing material with no need to reset or re-clamp the tube.
  • PROFESSIONAL MasterBead lays down a smooth, consistent, and uniform bead every time. Waste no product, leave no mess, and lay down professional work every time.

MasterBead comes with a lifetime warranty — so you risk nothing.

If you find that MasterBead doesn’t get every drop out of the tube…

If you find that MasterBead doesn’t work the way we’ve described…

If it hurts your hands… makes you look unprofessional…

Or if you just can’t stand how darn EASY it makes your life…

Say the word.


Finally — A reliable way to dispense silicone that’s easy… and consistent!

  • Guaranteed to show up for work day in and day out — it’ll outlast you!
  • Stops wasted silicone — use 99% of every tube
  • Eliminates hand fatigue — built for comfort and a smooth trigger action
  • Advanced design allows easy loading with no need to reset or re-clamp
  • Look more professional — lay down a smooth, consistent bead every time
  • Use it with one hand or two — never any stress or strain on your hands
  • Fits aluminum adhesive tubes up to 4 ounces