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SmartSnap | Snap Ring Pliers

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Technicians Love GTE Tools SmartSnap Pliers

SmartSnap pliers, “convertible” snap-ring pliers, allow users to change quickly and easily between internal and external style snap rings with a single lever. In addition, these are the first snap-ring pliers to feature quick-release tips for simple changes between large and small retaining rings. We include several sets of tips, made of hardened steel, designed with tapered anti-slip ends for durability and a dependable grip. The premium molded, ABS tray included with the tool offers convenient storage, quick access and an organized toolbox. SmartSnap pliers includes a lifetime warranty.

  • ALL IN ONE No Allen wrench needed to change tips! SmartSnap features Quick Release Tips, replacing 5-10 snap ring plier tool sets.
  • DUAL FUNCTION Quickly convert from Exterior to Interior operations with a single switch.
  • DURABLE Made of hardened steel and featuring anti slip ends and a dependable grip, SmartSnap snap ring pliers are built to last.
  • SAVE SPACE Remove all those snap ring plier sets from your toolbox and carry the only one you need -SmartSnap! Comes with its own premium, molded abs tray for easy storage in your toolbox
  • SmartSnap is backed by a lifetime warranty.