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Tech-Light Rechargeable Magnetic Work Light

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Tech-Light by Tech-Life – The Most Versatile Work Light Ever Created!

  • Guaranteed to work rain or shine… – IPX4 water resistant and rechargeable.
  • Dial in the level of light you need with low, medium and high settings.
  • Easily replace a cracked or scratched exterior lens.
  • Work hands free — Tech-Light holds tight to any metal surface.
  • Direct the beam of light wherever you need it — see every detail.
  • Small and compact to fit anywhere.

How many times have you wished for a third hand to point your flashlight in that tight space?

Now you can have a powerful light that points itself wherever you need it!

The Tech-Light works as hard as you and it goes wherever you go — so it’s always there when you need it.

  • In the workshop…
  • Under the kitchen sink…
  • Under the hood of your car…
  • Even under the car itself, for that matter.

Imagine you’re out late one night and you run into car trouble… The first thing you’re going to do is reach for the flashlight you keep in the glove box. But what good is a flashlight when you need both hands to fix whatever’s wrong?

The versatile light housing rotates completely — so you can concentrate a powerful beam of light directly where you need it. The light can even be inverted to create a lantern that’s great for camping.

The powerful rare-earth magnetic base holds metal in a death grip — this light’s not moving until you make it.

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery — never get stuck searching for loose batteries rolling around in the corners of a dark drawer… only to find they’re the wrong size or a year out of date.

The Tech-Light isn’t afraid of the water. It’s waterproof from top to bottom, including the sealed charger port — So next time you’re fixing a tractor in the rain or skinning a deer after dark, you can be confident that Tech-Light will come through.

Provides bold light at the level you need — choose the strength of the beam that’s right for your situation with low, medium, and high settings (or as we like to call them, low, medium, and ‘Holy cow, that’s bright!’)

We don’t expect you to baby this light — it’s a work light, for Pete’s sake. If you scratch or break the exterior lens, just replace it in less than 5 seconds. You can’t do that with any other light we know of.

Throw it on the side of a metal storage cabinet, toss it up under the hood of a car… stick it under a dark sink…  Shed light on the back of a television or computer while you sort through massive tangles of wires and connections.

The Tech-Light is the rugged new work light from Tech-Life that’s compact enough to go where you need it to go and bright enough to help you see every detail.