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The GRID| Professional Power Delivery

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The GRID by Tech-Life: Part power station, part surge protector, part space saver. 100% Game Changer.

The hardest part of owning a bunch of tech and power tools is finding a place to plug it all in that won’t take up ALL the space on your desk or work bench or create a nightmare tangle of power strips and cords (AKA, an accident waiting to happen) — but still allows you quick and easy access to everything.

No matter what solution you manage to Frankenstein together, she ain’t pretty…

Until now.

Imagine having ONE designated area where you can:

  • Plug in AND store the battery chargers to your power tools,
  • Charge up to four of your tech devices via USB 2.1A ports,
  • Plug in a total of 9 power cords, 5 in the rear for organization, 4 in front for convenience
  • Protect everything with a surge protector,
  • Control and allocate dedicated power with independent zone control,
  • AND looks great while enabling your genius.

Sounds good, yeah?

We thought so, too. That’s why we came up with The GRID. This is no delicate little ‘power strip’ that pops if you plug in anything bigger than a curling iron… The GRID is a brick of power, made for rugged battery packs and power-hungry tech.

Never again run around the house with your cord in your hand, fruitlessly searching for the last free outlet hiding behind a bookcase… The GRID comes with 9 vertical outlets — so they are always accessible.

Stop tripping over battery packs scattered around the floor of your workshop, each one plugged into a different wall outlet… The GRID gives you a sturdy platform so up to four of your battery packs can be displayed at once in an orderly and convenient manner — ready to go at your command.

Don’t worry about finding a place to plug in your smartphone and other tech… The GRID comes with four lightning-fast 2.1A USB ports — cuts your charging time in half.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything you plug into The GRID is protected from tech-destroying power surges. And if you need a little extra power in one zone of The GRID? Take charge with the independent zone control and switch off power to the other zones.

Looks great sitting on a work bench, tool box, desk, or counter top.

Isn’t it time you took control of your charging needs?