BeatBlock Twins Instructions

BeatBlock Twins Operating Instructions

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1. BT Connect Button

  • Press and hold the BT Connect Button on one speaker until it blinks blue and beeps
  • In your phone’s Bluetooth settings menu, select the device named ‘BeatBlock Twins’
  • Note: Both speakers are identical. The speaker you choose to pair to the phone will become the left channel in the stereo configuration, and will automatically configure the other speaker with the right channel. You do not need to pair the second speaker to the phone.

2. BT Connection Status LED Light:

  • Connecting: Blinks in Blue
  • Connected: Solid Blue
  • Entering Twin-Pairing Mode: Turns green for 1 second theb blinks Blue
  • Twin-Pair Connected: Both Speakers Solid Blue
  • Note: To start Twin-Pair manually, double-click the BT Connect Button on both speakers

3. Twin-Pairing

  • The two speakers in this box have been paired together at the factory. When powered on, they should connect to each other automatically. The BT Connection LEDs of both speakers will blink blue first and then turn solid blue when pairing is successful.
  • If they do not pair together automatically, double click the BT button. The LED’s will briefly turn green, and you will hear a beep indicating the speakers are now in twin-pairing mode. Solid blue LED indicates successful twin pairing.

4. Volume –
5. Volume +

  • Note: Volume level on both speakers will always be synchronized at the same level when in Twin-Pair mode. Volume can be controlled by either speaker, or with your device’s volume buttons./li

6. Battery Status LED:

  • Battery Low: Blinks in red
  • Charging: Solid Red
  • Charging Finished: Solid Green

7. Reset Switch

  • Note: This switch is not needed unless a problem with connectivity occurs, it’s job is to reset the twin pairing process and allow the user to start again.
  • Keep the switch in the OP position for normal operation. To reset the Twin-Pair”, move switch to RST position, wait for 3 seconds, then switch back to OP position. Next, cycle the power switch to the OFF and then back ON and proceed with pairing instructions.

8. Micro USB

  • For charging the battery via any USB port (wall charger, computer, etc)

9. Power Switch

  • Note: Wait for 5 seconds to turn the unit back on, if you’ve just turned it off.

10. Aux Input

  • The 3.5mm Aux socket is for wired operation. The Twins can still play in stereo wireless to each other, when one of the speakers is hard-wired to the phone or media player.

11. Mounting Receptacle

  • For mounting to any 1/4 inch UNC threaded camera mount or tripod.