BeatBlock Instructions

Connecting to Bluetooth

  1. Switch BeatBlock On.
  2. In your device’s menu, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and searching for other devices.
    (Note: your device must be Bluetooth enabled)
  3. On BeatBlock, hold down the “Bluetooth connection” button for about 10 seconds or
    until you hear two separate beeps.
  4. BeatBlock should now be visible on your device, select “BeatBlock” from the list.
  5. BeatBlock will make a two-tone sound and the LED light on the front of the unit
    will ash blue repeatedly to indicate successful connection.
  6. BeatBlock is now connected with your device and is ready to play your media.

Charging Instructions

  1. Plug small end of provided charging cable into “charging port” of BeatBlock.
  2. Plug USB end of charging cable into approved charging device.
    (Note: Only use approved charging devices(devices with 1A output only)
  3. Allow 3-4 hours for BeatBlock to fully charge.
  4. Once fully charged, The on/o switch will be lit green while still connected to the charging cable.
  5. Enjoy superior sound and portability.