LugStrong Instructions

LugStrong Operating Instructions

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The worlds strongest, most versatile compact lug wrench. Able to deliver 200% more torque than standard lug wrenches. It’s stackable design and forged steel construction mean it will store in more places and last longer than any other lug wrench on the market. Period.

LugStrong can be used in two modes, Speed Mode and Power Mode.

Speed Mode

Speed Mode is perfect for rapid lug nut removal. The cross design saves time by weight-balancing the lugwrench, allowing you can spin the lug nuts right off.


Power Mode

Power mode allows the user to apply 200% more torque than Speed mode. This helps when working on those pesky lug nuts that are just on too tight.


Storage Mode

LugStrong also includes a 1/2″ universal adapter, this will allow you to use any size socket. The entire tool fits together perfectly for easy storage anywhere.