MasterBead Instructions

MasterBead Operating Instructions

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Tube Preparation

    • Step 1: Squeeze the tube along the length of both sides to remove and creases. Make sure that there are no creases in the sides of the adhesive tube by creating a ridge with your forefinger and thumb running the length of the tube. Do not pinch the tube, you are only creating a “guide” for the gun to follow as it dispenses the adhesive.


    • Step 2: Pinch the tail of the tube just behind the folded end. Make tail as thin as possible all along the fold. This area will be inserted into the gun and needs to be thin and uniform in order to fit between the jaws of the holding clamp.


Gun Preparation

    • Step 3: Release red tension latch and open pivoting jaw. Make sure the plunger is in the fully retracted position and is resting against the body of the gun.


    • Step 4: Slide the folded tail end of tube into holding clamp. For best results, center tube in holding clamp.


  • Step 5: Close and Secure the jaws of the plunger using red tension latch. Start despensing adhesive by gently squeezing trigger



  • Step 6: Operate trigger with a slow consistent pressure to create even bead. Caution: Excessive force on the trigger WILL cause the tube to tear. For best results use a gentle even pressure on the trigger.