Mission Statement

Tech-life has a simple yet essential philosophy: Stimulate Productivity with Durability, Enhance Life with

Innovation. This is a philosophy that every team member of Tech-Life shares, and demands from the products

we use. We exclusively design and manufacture professional grade products that will hold up, on the job, at

home, on the road and anywhere else they’re taken.

With over 50 years combined experience in the service and repair industry, our engineers are able to

design products that not only outperform our competitors, but will continue to get the job done right every

time. We don’t build products that we wouldn’t use in our own shop, or on the job site with us.

Every product that we offer is designed to increase efficiency and productivity, while decreasing the stress

and frustration caused by other poorly designed products. We focus on the functionality of each product as

the first step of the design process which allows us to build the rest of the design around that foundation. All

of the designs we create must be able to perform flawlessly on the job, or we don’t build them. Period. We

demand performance from our products the way everyone should, the way you should, and we stand behind

that 100%.