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  • Tech-Life's "The Grid" is easily one of the most efficient solutions to a 21st century classroom looking to keep devices charged. Facing the huge costs incurred by most technology cabinets and digital storage carts, the grid eliminated the secure location (which is unnecessary in my classroom) with a simple table top solution that students may safely use.

    The Grid - "Great for a Classroom!" - Christa
  • These are great. The little LED really comes in handy, especially since it basically eliminates needing a flashlight. Two tools in one hand, frees up your other hand and that's always a good thing while working on cars. They're also very sturdy. Have yet to break one and trust me, I have done some heavy prying with them.

    MasterPry - "Solid" - Allucard
  • All I wanted was a portable, durable, rechargeable and and quality sound (powerful!) from a device that I could use at home, on the road, at work in the classroom, on camping trips and even to the grocery store. After listening to a few songs and then a few albums and now having had the chance to bond with with BeatBlock for 2 days I know this is what I was looking for. What makes it even sweeter is that I have not even had to charge it and I've easily listened to it for at least 5+ hours... I was listening to some albums with a variety of sounds and my family made me turn it down... the thing pumps out sound especially when you consider its size (super compact!). Also, I went and returned my Jawbone JAMBOX because it cost twice the price, so any perceived differences (color options, big name brand) are negligible. Finally, the BeatBlock comes with a nice little velour case which makes transporting the the device simple, comfortable and classy!

    BeatBlock Twins - " Solid product with quality sound, connection and battery life!" - Joey