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MasterPry LED | Automotive Pry Tool

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MasterPry with LED – The world’s most useful automotive pry tool

GTE Tools MasterPry is an advanced interior/exterior automotive pry tool, made with the strength to withstand everyday use for the shop mechanic.

  • VERSATILITY YOU CAN USE! All of the features you need in a pry tool and nothing else. Combining popular features from other pry tool sets and adding a few of our own like the 50 lumen on-board flashlight built right into each tool. It’s the last pry tool you’ll ever own.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY JOB! Big or small, there is no job this pry tool kit can’t handle. It’s advanced polymers won’t damage delicate surfaces like paint, plastic, leather, or wood like metal trim tools.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY! No need for that bulky flashlight to look behind panels, inside dashboards or inside of whatever you’re working on with the built-in flashlight, you’ll save time and money over lesser pry tool kits.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY! Designed for professional use, plain and simple. Unlike other pry tools which bend and break, MasterPry LED does not bend and is virtually indestructible which means when you pry, all the force goes where it should.
  • RELIABILITY GUARANTEED! Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pry tool set will work perfectly when you’re in the middle of a job. We’ve built it with the strongest material of any pry tool which is why we guarantee it for as long as you own it!

The world’s #1 pry tool set and the only one with standard on-board 50 lumen flashlights!

Designed by Professionals to maximize efficiency and productivity, MasterPry is the Perfect pry tool for any job! Strong enough to dominate the toughest interior or exterior panels but won’t scratch delicate components like paint and plastic. Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have enough hands for the job? This pry tool set combines all of the features you need into just 2 tools!

The Easy-Grip ergonomic design offers maximum control, power, and precision, reaching into those tight spaces and ending the guessing game of “what’s behind there?” With its on-board flashlight! MasterPry can also be used almost anywhere outside of the shop. It’s perfect for; Home Improvement, furniture repair, leather work and much more.

Each MasterPry set includes 2 pry tools. Made from the same Military-Spec polymer as the M16, MasterPry is nearly indestructible. See for yourself why MasterPry LED is the last Pry tool you’ll ever need to buy.