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SmartSnap Reversible Snap Ring Pliers w/ Quick Release Tips

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World’s Best snap ring pliers – SmartSnap by GTE Tools

GTE Tools designed SmartSnap snap ring pliers especially with the mobile automotive technician in mind. These convertible circlip pliers allow users to change between internal and external style snap rings with a single lever, while keeping focus on their task at hand. Furthermore, these are the first snap-ring pliers to feature quick-release tips, for simple changes between large and small retaining rings. We include several sets of tips, made of hardened steel, designed with tapered anti-slip ends for durability and a dependable grip. The premium molded, ABS tray included with the tool offers convenient storage, quick access and an organized toolbox. Because we believe in our product, SmartSnap pliers include a lifetime warranty.

SmartSnap is the last pair of snap ring pliers you will ever need, they come loaded with features:

  • COMPATIBLE Equipped with several sets of quick-release tips.
  • ALL IN ONE No Allen wrench needed to change tips! SmartSnap features Quick Release Tips, replacing 5-10 snap ring plier tool sets.
  • DUAL FUNCTION Quickly convert from Exterior to Interior operations with a single switch.
  • DURABLE Made of hardened steel and featuring anti slip ends and a dependable grip, SmartSnap snap ring pliers are built to last.
  • SAVE SPACE Remove all those snap ring plier sets from your toolbox and carry the only one you need -SmartSnap! Comes with its own premium, molded abs tray for easy storage in your toolbox
  • SmartSnap is backed by a lifetime warranty.